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Stacey offers Mindfulness workshops for beginners to advanced practitioners.   

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily life that will raise self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence and increase fulfillment. 

With regular practice and over time, mindfulness and meditation can offer many benefits including:

* Reduced stress and anxiety

* Improved sleeping patterns

* Increased relaxation

* Greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence

* Deeper levels of self-acceptance and self-love

We also specialise in providing mindfulness coaching in corporate and not for profit organisations.   Mindfulness will help improve the performance of your company and the lives of the people who work with you.   If you would like to build staff well being and resilience please contact us to discuss a package suitable for your people.

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I have just completed the 6 week beginners mindfulness course with Stacey. I found the online course to be very helpful. Giving me a better understanding of Mindfulness and learning how to be present in the moment, which is helping greatly. Learning to be in tune with your body, especially doing the different meditations each week which I really enjoyed. It was really good to connect to a wonderful group of like minded Ladies

I find that I am more present with my family, particularly my kids. Taking that precious time to just stop and listen to them, even if it can only be for a short time.
Mindfulness Course will help you become more aware, for me it has helped me not to as stressful,acceptance,letting go also to be a little more patient.

The course has given me more awareness of my mind and body, taking the time for me and listening to how my body is feeling.
I find more focus on being present in conversations and am gaining more satisfaction from meaningful conversations.
I found Stacey an excellent listener and was easy to communicate with. I work in the mindful body industry and would happily recommend Stacey and this course to my clients.

Does life have you feeling overwhelmed? Stuck? Lacking energy or progress? You can absolutely feel more joyful, peaceful and radiant and we are here to help guide you to that.
Our hope is to light a spark in you that empowers you to begin your own wellness journey through ongoing education, inspiration, and support. 


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Have you been wondering what mindfulness is? Perhaps you have wanted to try it for yourself but think it might be a little too “woo woo”. Or perhaps you’ve found it difficult to meditate in the past.

This free course is a taster for anyone interested in mindfulness, reducing stress, bringing more peace and calm into their lives. It’s a practical, no-nonsense introduction to the basics of mindful meditation.

Learn some simple, yet highly effective practices that will allow you to be more present and help you better deal with the inevitable stress and difficult emotions that are part of being human.


5 days to more mindful living - FREE

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Experience our signature introduction to mindfulness course through live, online group sessions at the same time each week.

This is the best course to choose for the biggest impact.  You will receive live feedback from the facilitator and your peers.

Learning from each other is a big part of what makes this course so effective  

This course offers you the opportunity to experience the benefits of mindfulness (a mental state of awareness, openness and focus). 

Designed for complete beginners or anyone who wants to reconnect with their mindfulness practice.


Introduction to Mindfulness - 6 weeks Live online group coaching - $249 

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Developed for graduates of our live Introduction to Mindfulness - 6 week course.
Or anyone looking to further develop and strengthen their daily mindfulness practice.
This workshop will cover two modules:
Finding Compassion Within
Being kind to ourselves in the presence of hardship instead of being self-critical.
Studies show greater self-compassion correlates with greater equanimity, happiness, optimism, social connectedness, positive affect, and life satisfaction.
As self-compassion increases there are related decreases in depression, anxiety, rumination, emotional avoidance and anger.

Enhancing Resilience
Enhance our ability to withstand stress and overcome challenges. Bounce back stronger from life’s inevitable potholes.

Mindfulness - Extension workshop ONLINE live group coaching - $79

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If I wake during the night I am able to fall asleep again quicker. I try to stop my mind being busy thinking of other things and notice my body right now. I am getting better at acknowledging my stress and being able to deal with it better. Concentrating on the now and what is important in that moment.

Thank you Stacey for a great six week Mindfulness course, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to my family and friends.It has helped me a great deal in my work place dealing with stressful and difficult situations. I enjoy doing body scan and breathing which has helped me in dealing with different emotions. Thankyou for making a difference .

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Making lifestyle changes is easier with the support of a community of like-minded people. If you are ready to explore living a lower tox lifestyle and begin to live more vibrantly connect with us in our free education and discussion group. Look forward to feeling more joyful, peaceful and radiant.


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