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Stacey offers Mindfulness workshops for beginners to advanced practitioners.   

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness practices into your daily life that will raise self-awareness, enhance emotional intelligence and increase fulfillment. 

With regular practice and over time, mindfulness and meditation can offer many benefits including:

* Reduced stress and anxiety

* Improved sleeping patterns

* Increased relaxation

* Greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence

* Deeper levels of self-acceptance and self-love

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It is an absolute pleasure to work with Darren and Stacey! They are a reliable, consistent and hardworking team who are passionate about living a wellness lifestyle and committed to educating others on all aspects of well-being.
—Toni Wood

Darren and Stacey are the most genuine and real people I know. They are passionate about helping others. I have always felt confident and comfortable allowing them to assist me using natural options.

—Cassie Blair

 It's been an absolute pleasure to have the support and education received from Stacey and Darren. 

—Mary-Ann Tieman

Does life have you feeling overwhelmed? Stuck? Lacking energy or progress? You can absolutely feel more joyful, peaceful and radiant and we are here to help you achieve that.
Our hope is to light a spark in you that empowers you to begin your own wellness journey through ongoing education, inspiration, and support. 


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Disillusioned with the “band-aid” approach to health and wellness we began a journey to take control of our wellbeing, naturally. This journey has led us to discover many safe and effective natural solutions for our family’s physical and emotional health.
We have experienced some amazing, life changing results using essential oils to support our wellness. Essential oils are natural, safe, highly effective and affordable. The brand we choose to align with is doTERRA. They are verified pure; free of fillers and harmful contaminants. Rigorous third party testing ensures authenticity and potency and makes doTERRA the most tested and trusted essential oils in the world.

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An essential part of finding more peace and balance in life is to reduce toxins in your home and on your body.
This 35 day online course is designed to help you switch and ditch environmental toxins across all aspects of daily life in a relaxed, fun and easy way.
Experience the many health benefits by saying yes to better choices for you, your family and the planet.

low tox living

My journey into doTERRA oils has been such an absolute pleasure with the support and education received from Stacey and Darren. The workshops, online, demonstations and product reviews have helped me to use my oils to the the best benefit for myself and family not to mention the furry family member. I didn't really understand the power of essential oils until I tried the doTERRA range. The quality and ethics are 2nd to none.. Its impossible to have one favourite because they all have so much to contribute to wellbeing and the environment we wish to thrive in

—Mary-Ann Tieman

My go to especially when I am needing to focus and engage in my work or study is In Tune- I make sure I always have it with me.

—Cassie Blair

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—John Doe

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Making lifestyle changes is easier with the support of a community of like-minded people. If you are ready to explore living a lower tox lifestyle and begin to live more vibrantly connect with us in our free education and discussion group. Look forward to feeling more joyful, peaceful and radiant.


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